General Schedules for State Agencies

Searchable database for state General Schedules

General Administration

GS-101, Administrative Records (December 2019) *Changed disposition for Investigative Reports*

GS-102, Fiscal Records (December 2017)

GS-106, General Services (Sep 2000)

GS-113, Information Technology (Mar 2009)

GS-103, Personnel Records (Feb 2015)

Specific Departments

GS-111, College and University (February 2017)

GS-129, Criminal Justice Training Academy (April 2015)

GS-108, Fire, Safety and Security (Dec 2013)

GS-107, Food Service (May 2001)

GS-100, Governor's Cabinet (Jan 2018) *New Schedule*

GS-120, Health Records (July 2020) *New series for Sexual Assault Records per 32.1-162.15:4*

GS-117, Law Enforcement (Aug 2015)

GS-109, Library and Museum (Aug 2001)

GS-104, Mailroom (Mar 2001)

GS-105, Motor Vehicle (Apr 2001)

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