Key to Source Abbreviations (Gordon Aronhime Papers)

C–P (L.C.) Reel # etc. = Campbell-Preston Papers, Library of Congress.
DC = Calendar of VA and Preston Papers, Draper Collection.
KMDE = Calendar of VA and King's Mountain / Tenn Papers, Draper Collection.
Dixon Data = Correspondence with Mrs. M. R. Davis, Abingdon.
Dixon Data = Correspondence with Mrs. Dixon re Edmondson.
MRD = Papers with Mrs. M. R. Davis, 165 E. Main, Abingdon, VA. (very reliable)
HKO = Papers of the late Miss Hattie King Owens, 237 Salem St, Bristol, VA. (many mistakes)
RO = Papers of the late Miss Beveley Owens, 237 Salem St, Bristol VA.
SWVA = Summers History of Southwest Virginia. (poor)
K = The Virginia Frontier, F. B. Kegley. (good)
CH I, II, or III = Chalkley, Abstracts, plus volume No. (authentic)
Allison ESWF = Early Southwest Virginia Families by Ms. Fred Allison 1960. (poor)
Annals = Summers, L. P. "Annals of Southwest Virginia". (authentic)
WB = Will Book.
DB = Deed Book.
SEB = Surveyor's Entry Book.
WCDB = Washington County VA death book.
MB = Marriage Book. (Note: All are Washington County VA unless otherwise specifically tagged).
MG MSS = Manuscript of Miss Mary Grey, 814 Moore St. Bristol, VA.
Draper Mss = Marked according to Draper Classification.
Census = All returns are Washington County VA unless so noted.
Initials in upper right corner of cards refer to tithable county of 1782.
970.4 R449 (E. Tennessee State) Right: The American Indians in N. C.
Butterfield: History of the Girtys (IMP) (Cincinnati, 1890).
American Archives.
State Dept. Mss.
Campbell Mss (Lemuel Campbell).
History of the Early Settlement and Indian Wars of Western VA.
De Hass "Indian Wars" History of Early Settlement Bristol VA.
Withers "Border Warfare" ETSL.
Hale, John P. : Trans-Allegheny Pioneers - Bristol Public.
John Carr: Early Times in Middle Tennessee (Nashville, 1859).
Dieddridge: "Settlements and Indian Wars" ETLS.
American Pioneer, 2 vol. (Cinn., 1843).
Callim, History of KY, 2 vols.
Draper, King's Mt. - Bristol Public.
Gilmore, James R. ("The strictures[?] of T. R. are justified").
Starr, Emmit: History of the Cherokees (1921) Warden Co.: Oklahoma City.
Walker, Felix: Memoirs, reprint ed. by Clarence Griffin.
American State Paper, Indian Affairs Vol I (1816).
Dodge: Our Wild Indians.
Thwaites and Kellogg: Dunmore's War.
Lewis: Battle of Point Pleasant.
Williams: Tenn. During the Revolutionary War.
Williams: Ann Robertson (1757-1821).
Williams: W. M. Tatham (1752-1819), Wataugan.

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