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Historic Blandford Cemetery Foundation Survey Records, 1987-1992 (Acc. 41780)

This collection is comprised of survey records containing information about graves in Blandford Cemetery, located in Petersburg, Virginia. The survey was undertaken by the Historic Blandford Cemetery Foundation from 1987 to 1992 in support of the cemetery's nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

A group of documents referred to as "record cards" make up the great majority of the collection. They contain, where available, information such as the names of those buried in a plot, birth and death dates, the text of tombstone inscriptions, and the type, dimensions, and condition of grave markers. With the exception of a handful of entries based on more recent documentation, the grave information recorded here is for burials dating no later than 1992.

This database is intended as a tool to simplify access to the collection, not as an equal alternative to consulting the actual records. The survey records are organized by alphanumeric plot identifiers. If a researcher does not know the plot in which a person was buried, it is very difficult to locate the desired record card. This database enables patrons to enter names in order to find out the plot identifier. The patron can then use this information to locate the full record within the actual collection. The database also contains dates of birth and death, when available.

Occasional recording errors are evident in the records, for example inconsistent spellings of names, or birth dates that come after death dates. If possible, researchers should check the information against other sources.

In addition to the record cards, the collection also includes photographs of approximately one-third of the surveyed graves. Each database entry includes a Y or N, indicating whether or not a photograph of a particular grave is present in the collection. The photographs are not available online.

For a complete description of the Historic Blandford Cemetery Survey Records collection, please consult the finding aid.


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