Virginia Cavalcade Volume 9, Number 1, Summer 1959

Table of Contents Page Number
"A Cote for Virginia" [Virginia Company's Coat of Arms], by Peter Walne 5
That Daring Young Man: James Hays Piper Led Six Lives, by Curtis Carroll Davis 11
[Frederick] Delius in Danville, by Gerard Tetley 16
Fauquier's Two Hundred Years [Fauquier County], by Kitty Slater 21
Swallow Barn: A Virginia Idyll [John Pendleton Kennedy], by Paul C. Wermuth 30
Freestone from Aquia [Stone Quarries], by Marvin F. Studebaker 35
The Sullys, Searchers After Beauty: A Gifted Family of Artists, Actors, and Painters, by James H. Bailey 42

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