J. Henry Brown Monuments, Inc.

J. Henry Brown (1859-1921), a stonemason by trade, operated a succession of businesses as a monument architect and builder, including the Virginia Granite Company, Inc., the Capitol Granite and Marble Works, and J. Henry Brown and Son. In 1975, J. Henry Brown Monuments, Inc., the offices of which were located at 219-221 West Main Street in Richmond, Va., became a division of Oakwood Monument Company.

This database provides an index for all the volumes, 1899-1920, to the J. Henry Brown Monuments, Inc. Order Books Collection, 1899-1920 (Accessions 23985 and 24142). The index includes the names of the deceased, as well as their birth (where available) and death dates. In some cases, the name of the cemetery and additional family information is also included. Each entry also contains a citation to the appropriate order book in which the information is recorded (i.e. 1899-1902, p. 18).

Researchers may want to consult the collection for confirmation of the information presented in the database, as well as for additional particulars, such as sketches of monuments and headstones, dimensions and specifications of headstones, as well as detail on the individuals who purchased the monuments and cost.

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The database contains birth and death dates and references to the order books (e.g. 1899-1902, p. 502). In some cases, family information is listed, such as the names of husbands or parents.

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