Personal Property Tax Records, 1782-1925, On Microfilm

The Library of Virginia has a complete run of microfilm of personal property tax records from 1782 to 1925. The Library of Virginia does not have Interlibrary Loan copies of microfilm for all counties and cities.  Microfilm that is not available for loan is listed as NO ILL FILM. When requesting the loan of Personal Property Tax Records microfilm through the Interlibrary Loan system, please specify the county or city, the dates, and reel number(s) of the records desired.

For information on Personal Property Tax Records consult:  Using Personal Property Tax Records in the Archives at the Library of Virginia (Research Notes No. 3)


plusAE Accomack County - Essex County

plusFK Fairfax County - King William County

plusLO Lancaster County - Orange County

plusPZ Page County - Upshur County

plusWY Warren County - York County


pluscities Alexandria City - Winchester City

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