Many items in the Library's collections are in TIFF format or are what is known as a TIFF (tagged image file format) image. A TIFF image has a file extension of “.tif” or “.tiff” that your computer uses to handle the image properly. If you are having trouble viewing a TIFF image, please refer to the tips below or consult your computer's warranty provider for more help.
The Library of Virginia gives no warranty, expressed or implied, for the software application and/or documentation provided, including, without limitation, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows is by default configured to view TIFF files, but image-viewing programs or plug-ins may associate themselves with the TIFF file type, overriding your computer's settings. Many of our patrons report an easy and helpful solution is to install AlternaTIFF, a browser add-on that displays TIFF images and enables features such as zooming, printing, saving, and more. The Library is in no way affiliated with the AlternaTIFF program or its creators. The program is currently free to download and is supposed to work with any version of the Windows Operating System.
You also have the option to change the settings that determine which of the current programs on your computer handles TIFF images. In order to perform this task you must know a specific program on your computer to complete the steps. Below are links to several resources outlining the necessary steps for the various versions of Windows.

Apple / Mac Users

For various problems with TIFF files, please contact Apple and supply them with information about the specific browser you are using. We have also listed some Macintosh-compatible TIFF-viewing software below.

Shareware Downloads

Microsoft Windows (You will need a viewer that can handle multi page documents.)



Locate "Preview" on your computer

Please contact the webmaster at the Library of Virginia with any further questions.

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