Maps and Formation Information for [Old] Rappahannock through Russell Counties

Old Rappahannock County[Old] Rappahannock County was formed in 1656 from Lancaster County. It became extinct in 1692 when it was divided in into Essex and Richmond Counties. [Back]

Rappahannock CountyRappahannock County was named for the Rappahannock River, which in turn received its name from an Indian tribe that lived along its banks.  There have been two Virginia counties named Rappahannock.  The first was created from Lancaster in 1656 and became extinct in 1662 when it was divided into Essex and Richmond counties.  The present county was formed from Culpeper County in 1833.  Its area is 267 square miles, and the county seat is Washington. [Back]

Richmond CountyRichmond County was named either for Richmond Borough in Surrey, England, or for the late-seventeenth-century duke of Richmond.  It was formed from old Rappahannock County in 1692.  Its area is 203 square miles, and the county seat is Warsaw. [Back]

Roanoke CountyRoanoke County was named for the Roanoke River.  The name is an Indian word meaning shell money.  The county was formed from Botetourt County in 1838, and part of Montgomery County was added later.  Its area is 248 square miles, and the county seat is Salem.  [Back]

Rockbridge CountyRockbridge County was named for Natural Bridge, an exceptional rock formation located in the county.  The county was formed from Augusta and Botetourt counties in 1778, and another part of Botetourt was added later.  The area is 604 square miles, and the county seat is Lexington.  [Back]

Rockingham CountyRockingham County was named for Charles Watson-Wentworth, a second marquis of Rockingham, who supported the colonists in their disputes with Great Britain.  It was formed from Augusta County in 1778.  Its area is 871 square miles, and the county seat is Harrisonburg.  [Back]

Russell CountyRussell County was named for William Russell, a Clinch Valley pioneer and the member of the House of Delegates who introduced the legislation forming the county from Washington County in 1786.  Its area is 483 square miles, and the county seat is Lebanon.   [Back]

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