Virginia Public Library Trustee Handbook

The Complete Virginia Public Library Trustee Handbook - 2005 Edition

Handbook By Sections:


Library Boards in Virginia
Types of Boards
Governing and Advisory Boards

Becoming a Trustee
What Is a Library Board of Trustees?
Selection and Appointment of Trustees
Qualifications of Trustees
What Does a Trustee Do?

Board Organization
Library Board Officers
Board Meetings
Guidelines for Effective Board Meetings

Policy Making
Basics of Policy Making
Types of Library Policies: External and Internal
Summary of Responsibilities for Policy Making

Hiring a New Director
Relationship Between the Board and the Director
The Board's Relationship with the Staff
Evaluating the Library Director
Summary of Personnel Responsibilities

Funding Sources
Local Government Support
State Aid
Federal Funds
Miscellaneous Sources of Funding
Steps in Budget Preparation
Presenting the Budget
Implementing the Budget
Summary of Financial Responsibilities

Legal Responsibilities of Advisory Boards

Legal Responsibilities of Governing Boards
Areas of Liability
Defenses for Liability
Summary of Legal Responsibilities

Library Planning
What Is a Plan? 
How Is a Plan Developed?
Benefits of a Plan
Recipe for a Plan 
Planning Library Buildings
Questions and Answers About Buildings
Construction Timetable
Funding for Buildings 
Summary of Responsibilities for Planning

Trustees and the Political Process
The ABC’s of Lobbying for Library Trustees

Public Relations
Board Responsibilities
Individual Trustee Responsibilities

Friends of the Library
Working with Friends 
What Are Friends For


The Board Self-Evaluation

The Library of Virginia
Archival and Information Services
Collection Management Services 
Information Technology Services Division
Library Development and Networking
Publications and Educational Services 
Records Management and Imaging Services
Finance and Administrative Services
How The Library of Virginia Can Help 

American Library Association (ALA)
American Library Trustee Association (ALTA)
ALA Washington, D.C. Office
Friends of Libraries U.S.A (FOLUSA).
Southeastern Library Association (SELA)
Virginia Library Association (VLA)
Trustee/Friends Section

Glossary of Library Terms and Acronyms

Selected Laws Governing the Library of Virginia
Requirements Which Must Be Met in Order to Receive Grants-in-Aid
Requirements Which Must Be Met by Libraries Serving a Population of Less Than 5,000 in Order to Receive State Grants-in-Aid
Public Library Boards in Virginia
Library Bill of Rights and related policies
The Freedom to Read Statement
Access for Children and Young Adults to Nonprint Materials
Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks
Confidentiality and Coping with Law Enforcement Inquiries
Free Access to Libraries for Minors
Challenged Materials
Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials: Sample Complaint Form
Contacting Your Legislator
Writing to Legislators
Eleven Points to Effective Lobbying
Ethics Statement for Public Library Trustees
Golden Rules for Board Members

Ida R. Patton

Revised Edition

Revised by Wayne Modlin
Public Library Consultant
Library Development and Networking Division
The Library of Virginia
Richmond, Virginia


Franklin E. Robeson, Chair  ● Christopher M. Marston, Vice Chair  ●  Peter E. Broadbent, Jr. ●  Gilbert E. Butler, Jr. ●  John S. DiYorio  ●  Mary G. Haviland  ●  F. Claiborne Johnston, Jr.  ●  George E. Lovelace  ● Samuel E. Massenberg  ●  Valerie Jean Mayo  ●  Lewis F. Powell III  ●  Stephen E. Story  ● Charles W. Sydnor, Jr.  ●  Henry Wiencek  ●  Clifton A. “Chip” Woodrum

Nolan T. Yelich
Librarian of Virginia

Sandra G. Treadway
Deputy Librarian of Virginia

This manual was prepared as an educational resource and should not replace legal advice.

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