Virginia Cavalcade, Volume 4, Number 2, Autumn 1954

Table of Contents Page Number
Timbered Turnpike: Petersburg to Boydton, by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 4
Mills That Ground Slowly, by Robert L. Scribner 8
Horse Ford to Glass Memorial [Carter Glass Memorial Bridge], by Randolph W. Church 13
Abraham Wood and the Rivers of the West, by William H. Gaines, Jr. 20
Chickahominy Canter [Jeb Stuart's Ride Around Richmond, 1862], by Robert L. Scribner 26
Genteel Crusader: Lila Meade Valentine Fought the Good Fight for Woman's Rights, by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 29
The Battle of the Barges: Twenty-Five "Gentlemen Volunteers" Followed the Fiery John Cropper into the Last Naval Clash of the Revolutionary War, by William H. Gaines, Jr. 33
"The Nation's Guest" [The Marquis de Lafayette's 1824 Visit to Virginia], by James R. Short 39
Touchdown! [Thanksgiving Football Game, 1904, Between University of Virginia and University of North Carolina], by Robert L. Scribner 43

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