Williamsburg, City of

Established: 1699
Town Incorporated: 1722
City Incorporated: 1884

Image depicting location of Williamsburg, City of
The City of Williamsburg, in James City and York Counties, was established by the General Assembly as Middle Plantation in 1633. After the capitol building at Jamestown burned in 1698, the assembly decided to move the capital of the colony to Middle Plantation, which was renamed Williamsburg in 1699 in honor of William III. Williamsburg was established in 1699 and declared a "city Incorporate" in 1722, although its actual status was that of a borough. It served as the capital of Virginia from 1699 until 1780. Williamsburg was incorporated as a city in 1884. Its area is 9 square miles. The population is 11,998 according to the 2000 census.

Note: Records were destroyed by fire in 1865. The records of the Superior Court of Chancery for the Williamsburg District were destroyed by fire in 1911.

Original Records at The Library of Virginia: Yes

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