Guidance for the eRM-3 Certificate of Records Destruction

Commonwealth of Virginia Records Officers:

As of Monday, November 16, 2020, the eRM-3 is now the official RM-3 used to report destruction. Paper and pdf versions will no longer be accepted for reporting destruction taking place after November 16.

Three roles are required to authorize and report records destruction using the eRM-3: Form Creator (FC), Approving Official (AO), and Records Officer (RO). We have developed separate video guidance for an overview on each of these roles so the FC and the AO may focus only on that role.

Here is a link to the eRM-3 webpage.

The video guidance is in the order they should be reviewed:

View the videos here

There is also an all-inclusive, more-detailed written document:

eRM-3 Form Guide

As the designated RO, please give these a thorough review to learn how the process works, so that you may determine how this process will mesh into your overall records destruction processes. Your assigned records management analyst is available to help. Please review our previous FAQ and, if needed, e-mail any questions. On-line meetings can be scheduled for Q and A.

Thank you.

Records Management Services

Library of Virginia

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