State Records Center

Records Center

The Records Center stores inactive, non-permanent records of state agencies and local governments. Each agency maintains ownership of records that are stored in the Records Center. Access to records is strictly controlled. No other agency or person may access records without written authorization. Records in the Records Center are kept in a stable, environmentally controlled, secure facility which has fire detection and suppression, and intrusion protection, monitored around the clock.

Before records can be transferred into the Records Center, they must be listed on a Records retention and disposition schedule and have a finite retention period.

SRC customers use Infolinx to enter, track, and request boxes.

Records Center Services:

  • Storage of inactive records until disposal
  • Retrieval of records, with pick up and delivery service available within the Richmond Service Area
  • Disposal of records in storage at the end of their retention period
  • Confidential shredding of records
  • Environmentally friendly pest eradication chamber, also used to blast freeze and stabilize water damaged records
  • Advice and guidance on records storage systems

Additional Information:

Imaging Services

Imaging Services is housed in the State Records Center. This department handles security microform program for the Library’s collection, state agencies and localities and offers advice to state and local governmental agencies in accordance with the Virginia Public Records Act. 

Archives Annex Reading Room

The Archives Annex Reading Room houses permanent, historic records. We are currently serving these materials at the Library's main location at 800 East Broad Street. Researchers should consult with the Archives Reference Services staff about materials housed there and call (804) 692-3888 at least one week before planning to visit. Records are transferred on Tuesdays and must be requested no later than 4:30 PM the Friday before.


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