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Legacies of the New Deal in Virginia
April 14, 2003 -
December 6, 2003


Recording Our History: Writers and Artists

  • Federal Writers' Project

  • Virginia Writers' Project-Virginia Guide

  • Life Histories

  • Ex-Slave Narratives

  • Virginia Historical Inventory

Art for the People

  • Capturing Virginians on Film

For Teachers


For Teachers

Suggested Teaching Activities

1. Students identify and compile scrapbook on local New Deal projects, such as parks, post offices, courthouses, or murals.

2. Students visit local sites identified in Virginia: A Guide to the Old Dominion, published as part of the Federal Writers' Project, and report what has changed since 1941.

3. Students search for interviews of local people in the WPA Life Histories on the Library of Virginia's web site ( and describe what life was like for the people interviewed.

4. Students interview grandparents or relatives who remember the Great Depression and write a Life History report.

5. Students search for local buildings or historic sites in the Virginia Historical Inventory on the Library of Virginia's web site ( and then prepare a report on a building or historic site.

6. Students research and report on New Deal programs begun during the Great Depression that continued after 1945.

See a list of selected resources or the bibliography The New Deal in Virginia (pdf).