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Records Management Contacts Search

• Records Management Staff   

    Chad Owen- Coordinator

    Records Management Section

    (804) 692-3807


Corey Smith
Records Management Analyst
(804) 692-3608

Glenn Smith

Records Management Analyst

(804) 692-3604


Riley O'Brien

Records Management Analyst

(804) 692-3802


• Records Emergency Contact Information

A fast and efficient response is needed to ensure records damaged by water, fire, or a natural disaster can be preserved. As soon as you are aware of a records emergency please contact the appropriate Library of Virginia staff member for assistance. Do not throw away damaged records without first consulting with your records analyst.

If you have a records emergency during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) contact your records analyst for assistance.

To contact a Library of Virginia staff member after normal business hours about a records emergency please call:

(804) 615-5784
(804) 840-6006

State Records Center

Storage for non-permanent records

Phone: (804) 236-3705

Fax: (804) 236-3722

Imaging Services

Microfilm quality control and storage for permanent records

Mike LeGrande
Phone: (804) 236-3707
E-mail: michael.legrande@lva.virginia.gov