The 2015 UCI Road World Championships are coming to Richmond, September 19-27. The courses will pass in front of the Library and will affect Library access. The Library’s lobby, exhibition, and the Virginia Shop will be open; the reading rooms and parking deck will be closed from September 21 through 25 and the entire Library will be closed on September 26. Please check our online calendar and for more details.

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Records Management Contacts Search

• Records Analysis Staff

Corey Smith
Records Management Analyst
(804) 692-3608

Glenn Smith

Records Management Analyst

(804) 692-3604

• Records Emergency Contact Information

A fast and efficient response is needed to ensure records damaged by water, fire, or a natural disaster can be preserved. As soon as you are aware of a records emergency please contact the appropriate Library of Virginia staff member for assistance. Do not throw away damaged records without first consulting with your records analyst.

If you have a records emergency during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) contact your records analyst for assistance.

To contact a Library of Virginia staff member after normal business hours about a records emergency please call:

(804) 615-5784
(804) 840-6006

State Records Center

Storage for non-permanent records

Phone: (804) 236-3705

Fax: (804) 236-3722

Imaging Services

Microfilm quality control and storage for permanent records

Suie Woo
Phone: (804) 236-3707