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Records Management

In accordance with the Governor’s Regulatory Review Initiative begun in 2012 the Library of Virginia conducted a thorough review of its regulations. As a result the Library is proposing to repeal 17 VAC15-60 Standards for Plats; 17 VAC15-70 Standards for Recorded Instruments; and 17 VAC15-80 Standards for Paper for Permanent Circuit Court Records, and add 17 VAC 15-61 Standards for Permanent Instruments Recorded by Hard Copy. The development and review of this regulation is guided by the Administrative Process Act.

The proposed regulation combines the current three regulations into one, simplifies the language of the rules, improves the organization, and removes obsolete sections. Public comment is sought on any issue relating to this proposal. The Public Comment Period runs through December 5, 2014.

Comments may be submitted online to the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall at http://www.townhall.virginia.gov/L/comments.cfm?stageid=6836, and it is preferred that comments be submitted online. Comments may also be sent to:

Glenn Smith
Records Management Analyst
800 East Broad St.
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Comments must include the commenter's name and address (physical or email) information in order to receive a response to the comment from the agency.

Under the authority of the Virginia Public Records Act, the Records Analysis Section (RAS) at the Library assists state and local government in ensuring that public records are maintained and available throughout their life cycle. RAS supports the efficient and economical management of public records by publishing records retention and disposition schedules, presenting workshops, monitoring the disposal of non-permanent records, and assisting with the transfer of permanent records to the Archives.

Use the contacts page to identify your agency/locality records officer and LVA records analyst.