How to Make Copies at the Library of Virginia

A Library of Virginia card is required in order to make photocopies or printouts. The card can be used with the photocopy machines, microform printers, computer print stations, and wireless printing on personal laptops.
Funds may be added to a library card by using a cashier machine. The machine does not give change and accepts bills and credit or debit cards. The library card may be revalued and used indefinitely. Please make sure that your card is signed on the white strip.

Document Type: Charge:

Photocopies (self-serve machines)   

$ .25 per page


$ .50 per frame


$ .50 per frame

Black & white copies from computer print stations 

$. 25 per page

Black & white copies from microfilm scanners              

$ .50 per page

Materials from Special Collections and the Archival and Map Collections are subject to different charges.
You may also Order Materials from the Library of Virginia.

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