Imaging Services

Imaging Services at the Library of Virginia manages a security microform program for the Library’s collection, state agencies and localities and offers advice to state and local governmental agencies in accordance with the Virginia Public Records Act.  Security microforms (i.e. microfilm and microfiche) stored through this program are not used for reference purposes.  Access to security microform media is restricted to the record custodian. No other agency or person may have access to it without written authorization from the record custodian. The Records Storage Section at the State Records Center handles microforms of non-permanent records.

Services available from Imaging Services:

  • Quality control of incoming security microfilm of permanent records from localities, state agencies, and vendors on behalf of state and local agencies.
  • Maintenance of microforms in an environmentally controlled storage area.  Performs test for redox blemishes and vinegar syndrome.
  • Duplication of reels of security microfilm for record custodians.
  • Paper copies of missing pages made from security microfilm.  Prints will only be made if the pages are missing from the original book.
  • Consultation on microfilm standards, security, storage, and duplication as needed.

For more information see chapter 13 of the Virginia Public Records Management Manual.

To transfer microform to Imaging Services, submit the Archival Microform Transfer List and Receipt (ARC-3 Form) to your records analyst for pre-approval.

Standards & Guidelines for Microfilm, Plats, Instruments, and Circuit Court Records

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