Tidewater Virginia

Watercolor sketch "Yorktown from Gloucester Point." Believed to have been done around the time of the Battle of Yorktown, 1781. Artist Unknown. John Graves Simcoe Papers, ca. 1776-1806. MS 30.6. Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
English immigrants to the New World settled in Virginia's Tidewater region beginning in 1607. This land of low lying swamps, wide rivers, deep water harbors and the Chesapeake Bay dominated Virginia's political and cultural life during the colonial period.

Prominent Virginians General George Washington, Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Gloucester's native son, Doctor Walter Reed are Tidewater born.

"Treading clams" Image number C1:1/09/06/023. 1939 World's Fair, Virginia Room Photograph Collection, Library of Virginia.

The Revolutionary War ended in 1781 on the shores of the York River, and the first ironclad ships battled in Hampton Roads during the War Between the States.

Today Tidewater is home to numerous military bases, including the world's largest naval base, Norfolk Naval Base. Hampton Road's natural deep water harbors encouraged the development of world class shipyards, Newport News Shipbuilding and Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and international maritime trade abounds. Thousands visit Tidewater's beautiful beaches and historic museums each year to experience Virginia's unique beauty and important historical past.

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