Records Management Forms

Submit forms that are completed in full and type-written.

Which form do I use?

Archival Transfer List and Receipt (ARC-1 Form)

  • ARC-1 Preparation Instructions (pdf) (video)
  • Blank ARC-1 Form (Word) Aug 2013
  • Blank ARC-1 Continuation Form (Word) Jul 2012
  • Completed Sample ARC-1 (pdf)

Archival Transfer Folder List (ARC-2 Form)

  • ARC-2 Preparation Instructions (pdf) (video)
  • Blank ARC-2 Form (Word) Oct 2011
  • Blank ARC-2 Continuation Form (Word) Oct 2011
  • Completed Sample ARC-2 (pdf)

Archival Microform Transfer List and Receipt (ARC-3 Form)

Certificate of Records Destruction (RM-3 Form) April 13, 2021

Records Center Retrieval Request (RM-18 Form)

Records Survey (RM-19 Form)

Records Locator Inventory (RM-20 Form)

  • RM-20 (Excel) Instructions, Template, & Sample Dec 2012
  • RM-20 Description and Preparation Instructions for Word Version (pdf)
  • Blank RM-20 template (Word) Oct 2011

Records Officer Designation and Responsibilities (RM-25 Form)

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