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Agency Personnel

This is where you can find staff members by department and learn a little about the responsibilities of each work unit. Information on our many boards and advisory groups is also included.

Order Materials

Copies of items in our collections are available for a pre-paid fee. Orders can be placed online, by telephone, or by mail. In certain instances, you must request and receive permission for certain uses of our materials, such as for publication or exhibition. Check our forms cabinet for more information on obtaining permission.

Donate Materials

The Library of Virginia’s incredible collection of Virginia literature, history and culture has been a work in progress since the founding of the Library in 1823. From the very beginning we have collected books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, broadsides, photographs, portraits, and other items that chronicle the history of the commonwealth. Many of our greatest treasures are the result of gifts from generous donors.

Share Your Story

Have you found something special in our collections? An ancestor’s birth record, a missing family photo, the house your grandparents lived in, or the story of a long-lost relative? Something deeply important to you or to the history and culture of the commonwealth? Tell us about it! If it has meaning to you, it has meaning to us and we want you to share your story!


We’ve gone ahead and answered some of your most frequently asked questions about the history of the commonwealth, Virginia’s government and legislative history, and our collections. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, contact us using the form at the left, and we’ll find the answers you need!

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